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Lynn Charles, LCSW, MSW, MS

  • Life and Executive Coach 

  • DISC and MBTI Certified

  • Certified in Critical Incident and Stress Management

  • Formally Trained in or as:

    • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

    • Gottman Method for Couples Therapy

    • Clinical Trauma Professional

    • Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional

    • Anger Management Treatment Professional


I have been a licensed therapist for over 20 years and use an unconventional approach to working with clients.  I am honest, caring and appreciative of my clients for opening their lives and hearts to me in order to reveal their experiences, lives and desires. There are many "professionals" who are hanging up their shingles as therapists and are not fully invested in their work. I am invested and grateful to have developed trusting and supportive relationships with my clients in order to move them on to the "next step" that they dream of.

I am also a trained life and executive coach so I tend to focus on goal-setting and self-fulfilling prophecies that create obstacles.


  • Board Certified Diplomate

  • Credentialed Alcoholism Substance Abuse Counselor-Trainee

  • Certified Social Worker in Health Care 

As a licensed clinical social worker for the past 20 years, I work with adults, young adults and adolescents with a wide range of needs. I am a pro-active, down-to-earth psychotherapist, and truly enjoy working together with clients to achieve their short and long term goals. Through collaboration, curiosity and creativity, I will help you become fully present in the "here and now," prioritize goals, break free from dysfunctional patterns, and discover your inner strengths.


“Liz helps the client in a hands on compassionate manner to deal with the practical issues that so often get in their way on a daily basis. She is a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional.“


Vicki, LCSW, Virginia

"I have found Liz's style and work ethic to be invaluable. Her sociable, open and engaging collaboration with me have freed me to do the deep, in-office work I’m there for. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Elise, 42 years old, New York

"I love how Lynn listens first -- makes you feel that your voice and your issues are so important and worthy. She allows you to gracefully unlock your own sources of wisdom and advice -- she doesn't just push her own take and advice on everything."

Melissa Jo, 60 years old, England

"Liz is sensitive to all of my needs. She is awesome."

Diane, 32 years old, New York

“I am a colleague of Liz for the past 10 years and have observed her work firsthand from working with her on the same clinical team. It is a pleasure to give my endorsement to her, a professional with the highest sense of integrity and regard for her clients.”


Carla, LCSW, New York


"Lynn listens to her clients with unrivaled intuition, knows the right questions to ask to help people uncover their barriers to success and establishes a strong partnership in building solutions."

Suzette, 54 year old, PA

* Names of clients have been changed for confidentiality purposes.
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