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We facilitate workshops and groups that can improve and enhance women's lives.  
The next group sessions will take place this upcoming fall as part of our "All Woman" Group Series.
November 2016 (4 weekly sessions)

"The Carousel of Infertility"

Experiencing infertility can involve feelings of sadness, frustration and confusion.  This "ride" can leave couples wondering if to end this ride or not.  Participants will learn will share experiences along with providing support and information.

December 2016 

"Self-care and living care-free"

Learning how to put yourself first, de-stress and take more control of your well-being.

December 2016 (2 weekly sessions)

"Should I stay or should I go" 
Exploring healthy relationships, recommitment or letting go.

Visit this page again in a few weeks for more details.
Also, feel free to contact us at 484-693-0856 or via our contact page.

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