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Please take the time to read this page as you may find an answer to one of your questions about our services.


Do you only treat women?

Although our practice focuses primarily on women and their issues, we also work with men, youth and families.


You don't accept insurance for counseling services.  Can I still get reimbursed?

Our rates are $175 per session and $225 for couples/family therapy.  We do not accept any health insurances as a form of payment.  Therefore, you should contact your health insurance company and ask if they would reimburse you for receiving clinical services with an "out-of-network" provider.   We can provide you with a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement.  They may ask for our professional information, such as license, etc.  We will easily provide any information that you may need in order to facilitate this process.


The advantage to using your out-of-network benefit or private pay is that you get to choose the therapist that you want without being limited to a list of insurance providers in the network.  You also get to choose how many sessions you need without insurance authorizations or the red tape.



I am interested in both counseling and coaching.  Which one should I choose?


Counseling is a clinical service where a mental health diagnosis is established in order to guide the treatment received.

Counseling helps to reduce symptoms that are causing mental health distress and a decreased level of functioning. Many insurance companies reimburse for counseling services provided by a mental health professional.  Some familiar diagnoses are depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and adjustment disorders.  At the end of treatment, an alleviation and stabilization of symptoms should occur along with learned coping skills to deal with the disorder.


Coaching does not help you to work on mental health issues.  Along with coaching, we are licensed mental health professionals, therefore we may recognize mental health issues that are interfering with your progress in your coaching journey.  At that time, we may recommend that you start counseling services while you continue to work on your journey. 


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